A simple man with an unhinged life


A “clone” of Stroggonov created by unknown means, it’s definitely not twins, because they work in unison a tad TOO well. A theory holds that it may be a sharded personality, or even the real Stroggonov, split into a separate form but bound to the will of the host body, which is unfortunate as the host is mentally deranged… and more of a rental deal.


A twin state stability identical cloned from Stroggonov. visibly, functionally, effectively Stroggonov.

Though that’s purely a high level of survival. Sackkonov and Stroggonov communicate to each other in an unknown method. It could be assumed by Corri Sitana that it is some sort of sub-wave mental link constantly active. As she was able to read Stroggonov’s mind for a brief moment she likely unknowingly connected with it before furthering her studies in mental-linking, which ironically led to her teaching it to Stroggonov, allowing Team Stroggonov to link minds at much greater distances.

Everything thinks Sackkonov is just a clone, a copy, a twin, of Stroggonov…Sackkonov is more. He is the oppressed form of Stroggonov’s former self. There was more to the accident than just the knowledge of the universe… A sense of loss, detachment. When the explosion occurred he was thrown across the room, yet saw his own body. He knew it was his body, yet looking at it from a distance…

When not existing as a separate entity. He still exists, all the body’s senses are his own, yet he has no control of anything. It’s…an interesting experience for him to say the least. Stroggonov is capable of holding back from Sackkonov. He’s after something else than just his stated goals, and his madness is driving it. If it weren’t for Sackkonov having a minor influence over the host body still, Stroggonov may well have never met the group he walks with now.

For now, all Sackkonov can do is hide his existence from Stroggonov while exerting influence over the host body, only made possible due to existing in two places, and simply wait for the moment of Time’s Conflux.


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