Thoughts of Truth

Back to the Pyramid - Campaign Journal 3

Inside the Pyramid

It has been 3 days [since returning from the pyramid] … So the prophecy states.

- Neaca Nom has been meditating to use gravity better.
- Doe has been watching Rukmarolls and learning how to run better
- Corri Sitana has been learning from P-Dog's dad how to carve wood better
- Gundisalvus was sad
- Stroggonov looked for Jiale

NOW! We awake in The Worn Bottle
- Go to town hall w/Polly and Uolis
- Cheale is there doing paperwork

We see the mayor
- He wears a sash and a top hat with rukomols on it. 
- Hands Uolis 4 sets of keys… 

[It's house shopping time.]

We approach a house off the main road with a Cherry Red roof.
It has trees, a front yard, and upper section, chimneys…
Inside, doors are made of interlacing trees and roots that open when someone intends to walk through. 

Next house is 3-tiered! (Right to left)
- Hedge around it for maximum privacy 
- Neighborhood around here is mainly 1-storey houses
- In bottom floor of 3-storey part, find a set of stacking dolls with a lizard design. 
- When no-one's watching… They restack!
- Strogg takes them… BUT THEY RETURN

ANOTHER HOUSE!… Opposite the Prize Winner.
Jet black roof, tall tower, trees, hovering ring that pours pink liquid into a pool
- Liquid is… water! Tastes sweet
- Strogg pulls a SICK slam dunk on ring
- The house is on main road, no backyard, 0/10

Last house has a lime-flesh green roof
- Strange style, 2 'stilts' to an upper living area.
- A BASEMENT! Starts rattling… But it's empty
- It's a pretty normal ceiling and carpet
- [House] is close to Uolis' house, but very small.

Democracy is used to pick… HOUSE NUMBER CHERRY
- Polly and Uolis ask if [the party] if they'd like a sign carved by P-dog's dad. 
- Uolis hands over a red, wooden key to house

WE HAVE A HOUSE! [Please insert floor plan somewhere on the wiki later]

Polly and Dada-Polly bring some chairs, tables, etc
- It's all mismatched, like IKEA and stuff. 

Polly tells the group that Gordra and Cheale were looking for them. Neaca and Corri head over to the apothecary(The Loose Leaf). They are greeted by Sister Twia. Sister Twia oours some tea for Neaca and Corri. Doe is asked to wait outside (yeah she was here too). ¯\(ツ)
Corri and Doe argue about the nature of Doe's being. 

Strogg heads to the town hall in search of Jiale but instead finds Gordra who questions him about going into the pyramid. Strogg is inclined to go but does not wish to speak for the others. Gordra mentions she is looking for 2 things in the pyramid:
1. Stopping any dangers to the town of Codun
2. Retrieving anything that may be useful to the town. 
Strogg looks around the office for anything interesting. 

FYI: Baby Rukomols are called squiggles.

Hickows works under Gordra and delivers the mail. He is looking at a large list of complaints.

Neaca returns Derroch's sword. It is a nice action, everyone feels good, very wholesome.

Back at The Worn Bottle, Polly gives everyone more slice.
Corri discusses with Polly's Dad about adventuring.
Gundi does some gardening in the new house. 

The team all head to the town hall, Cheale joins the group. 
Some of the team leave objects [cyphers and oddities] at home [for safekeeping].
Strogg pulls out some fine white powder and snorts it in front of the whole town's police force. 
Content Not Found: sackonov
starts to drool a very very clear liquid into a box. 
Strogg knows that drinking the liquid would turn him invisible for 6 hours. 

The team head out. [And arrive at the pyramid… Time Skip]

Doe fondles a corpse and steals a shin. 
Corri looks for furniture, there does not seem to be anything of note. 

The group head towards the center of the City in Shadow. They take the platform to the interior of the pyramid. As they enter, a large shock shatters the [lizard-crystal-that-makes-platforms] into a thousand pieces. The panel that produces this large electrical shock falls away from the wall revealing a secret passage. 

Neaca and Gundi oppose OH&S problems this now poses.

A dark cololoured but well lit hall is ahead. Cheale points out that the pyramid is big, she hadnt seen this hall but she thinks that Jiale had. 

Twists and turns not much to it and Gundi and Doe fear OH&S risks. 

We hit a junction. A direction/room is chosen.


Doe points, Cheale forgets if shes been there or not. There's trash & we all search for loot. 

On entering the room Neaca hears a voice in her head, asks her to stand by a SUPER SAFE PIPE. She does. Green tendrils begin to consume Neaca's eyes. Neaca closes her eyes, but the tendrils take her right eye, and scrape the HECK out of the left eye. The tendrils consume the eye and you see it dissolve… Neaca is bleeding profusely. 

Gundi hears whispers of "She deserves it!"

Doe fucks up throwing a rock, hears "I can make you better"
Doe doesn't like that, so gets a bigger rock. 

Corri plugs the bleeding eye. 
Strogg used Push, missed, hit a tendril. He hears "We can give you unlimited power!"
Strogg and Sack charge in at the tendril, they lose their eyes, except sack's mechanical eye. Contact with the beast gets them sent into the past. [In this timeline the tendril monster is a baby, confined to one pipe. Strogg has an idea… ] Strogg and Sack rip a machine off the wall in this past-timeline and write 'STROG WOZ HERE' using their endless paint pot. In the future, the machine shimmers to the floor and the writing shimmers into the wall, faded. 

Corri patches up Neaca's eye somewhat while saying sweet nothings. Neaca shouts at the tendrils. 

Strogg pours paint down the tendril pipe for 3 weeks. He drinks the stealth spit from the box.
[The paradox has built up, the tendril has been weakened sufficiently. There never could have been contact with it and Strogg in the future. In the present timeline, the past has changed the course of history. There is no memory of Strogg and Sack. Neaca's eyes are fine. No pipes have been opened. No-one knows of the tendril monster. All of a sudden, a strange man appears in front of the adventuring group, dissolving out of thin air. They have never met before, but this man (named Stroggonov) is strangely familiar to the party.] Strogg tortures the now-weak tendril monster. 

Then Corri hears a voice asking to open valves to breathe… Corri asks the group about this. Strogg slams the wall, screaming, "OH MY GOD KILL IT WITH PAINT."
Corri feels compelled to open the valve and Strogg spear-tackles her to the ground. He tells off Doe for touching a valve. Doe's nanites slap her hand. Doe then writes her name, DOE, on her forehead with black paint. Well that's cleared up then.

A new room, the same voice. Gundi hears it and goes to open a high valve. Strogg summons Sack and twin-spear-tackles Gundi, which distracts him from his task. 

A little looting, a new room, more valves. Strogg yells at people to not touch valves. Doe now hears a voice. Cheale loots. 

Doe opens the valves… Strogg tackles too late! Has to throw paint at it. It commits a useless physical onslaught.

A new hall. Neaca offends the mysterious voice, causing tremors. We head to a smaller room, instead of the green glow. We hear mechanical whirrs and popping sounds. Neaca takes a reading of weight from the cylinder. Cheale gets loot. In the center of the room is a floating cylinder. Off the top is a bubble of an amorphous substance, clear and oily. It looks like it's breathing gently. Doe has an investigate. The cylinder is warm, smooth and metallic. The bubble is unlinked to the tentacles. Strogg confirms that it's safe, and it reveals a truth of the universe to him.

Strogg touches the bubble. It expands and takes Doe and Strogg to the room of the eyening. The cylinder comes with them. They touch it again, it teleports them again to a room they've never seen. They touch it again, it takes them to the first room the party arrived in, then the danger room again and then back to the start. 

Whole group head back towards one of these newly revealed rooms. Inside the room is a crackling wall with a complicated array of cyphers, including a grey cube. It looks expensive and valuable. Cheale grabs it. It instantly eats into her arms, she screams and falls backwards, melding into the floor. Stroggonov blasts one of the crackling spires close by and Cheale is electrocuted. She is unmerged from the floor, but the grey box is still eating its way up her arms. 

Doe stabs the cube fragment left in Cheale's hands. The cube stops and Cheale slowly regains calm. Now partially recovered, the group heads back to the hallway junction.

The next room is filled with valves and very angry mental ranting. Strogg gives the pipes a bash and ye old tentacle beast screams. Its yells hurt a lot. 

We move on. A pool of pink energy fills the floor of the next room. Strogg identifies that it automatically recharges mechanical cyphers. Experiments on Doe go poorly. BACKSTORIES!

Corri finds a small robot trapped under rubble. Corri frees it and it tears off to the electrical wall room where Cheale found the cube. Party visits it. It's sitting comfortably and despite Corri talking to it, it says very little. 

Team double back to check the green glowing room they had been avoiding. Across one wall is a large door. 
- Strogg and Sack try to push door open. A blue device above the door pulses and a holographic blue serpent with wings appears to FUCK US UP

Serpent goes to attack Sack, but misses. COMBAT.
Doe misses.
… Everyone else runs out of the room. The Blue beast phases out of sight and reappears behind group where they were retreating to!
Corri holds up little black pyramid. The serpent dives at her immediately but misses.
Cheale pulls out an axe and tries to slice the serpent. Gets energy feedback. SONNUVA BITCH
Gundi goes to climb up and smash the blue stone… makes progress.
Doe shoots the thing…. CRITICAL FAIL
Neaca jumps up and stabs the blue fucker. 20!
The beast lets out an electric wail and looks almost destroyed. 
Strogg tries a mental onslaught.. but… "Did I leave the stove on?"
Blue dude goes in for the non-literal-kill on Neaca. Yup, it hits.
Corri throws a dagger at the fucker… but hits Neaca and it ricochets and bounces back (off her tin foil hat.)
Cheale misses with her axe. GG.
Gundi hammers against the blue stone… Nope. 
Doe misses a shot.
Neaca misses.
- it dissolves into nothingness
- the blue crystal falls out of the door and into Gundi's eye. It then bounces off and smashes on floor. 

Wait wait before we go through… We enter the last unexplored room from before. 
We feel sick at the sight of a symbol painted on the floor. Oh, and a rock. No meaningful interpreteation. 

Doe goes to move rock. Strogg goes to help… but the closer he gets, the more and more he retches. He is struck by divine knowledge! Corri seems to be able to read his mind!

We head back to the room where we defeated the serpent. Corri's latent mental link is Strogg. Gundi, with the gem he retreived, presses it to the door. The door opens!

As the group pass through the door, they encounter a T Junction. Both ends curve so that the rooms at the end cannot be seen. The team goes left and follow the path while the tentacles yell at everyone. In the next room there is a large blue disk hanging from the ceiling. A faint telepathic message tries to reach the group. Doe walks on to the platform and everyone receives a message saying, "Choose your destination".

The team decide to ignore the message, until Strogg asks to go to the end of the dungeon and everyone is teleported to the blue-mist room. They walk back to the platform and Cheale suddenly begins screaming. Doe stabs her hands again, stemming the growth of the cube making its way up her arms up again. Strogg pulls Cleale onto the teleporting platform and yells "Codun Apothecary!". In a flash of light, she is sent away. 

The team heads down a new path. In the next room they find a hyge expanse filled with 12 inverted cones and an automation working at each. Every cone is filled with square plates of synth. Corri speaks to one of the robots and asks what they do.
"We are the organizers of (word that could mean universal super party)"
As Corri wanders around the room she finds 6 reverse party hats. The hats are distributed around the party.

One of the robots drops a human-shaped piece of cloth. The cloth explodes into a large humanoid and attacks Corri. The beast then dashes behind Doe and slams her on the ground. Strogg and Neaca attack the beast both landing solid blows before it turns and smacks Neaca. 
Gundi catches 3 of the beasts's out of phase images, bringing them together as 1. Corri ensures that the automatons won't mind us fighting the beast. As Neaca stabs the beast, some of the quicksilver it is made of runs down her blade and evaporates. 'Quicksilver' then headbutts Gundi… in the head. Gundi gives QS a warm hug. 
Neaca, jumping from a bolt embedded in Gundi's bark, pierces the skull of QA, causing it to evaporate.

Gundi gets an awesome interdimensional pocket. 

The organizers have been annoyed by the noise and now refuse to respond to any communication.

Moving into the last room, the party spy an impossible cube floating in the middle. Corri is overwhelmed by the cube, developing a compulsion to wash her hands at the smell of baking bread. 

Neaca suddenly understands how to remove the cube from Cheale's flesh. 

The cube with 9 sides and 7 corners continues to spin. 

The group head back to the Codun apothecary via teleporter. 
Neaca heads inside to see Cheale. She does an interpretive dance to cure Cheale. Everyone is shocked and in awe of her majesty. The cube retracts from Cheale's palms. Sister Twia was very upset by this and contains the cube in a jar. 

The team returns to the Worn Bottle, have dinner and discuss adventure. Neaca visits Tallek, Bledsen and Uolis. Interrupts them during dinner, they have crates of utensils and things to donate to the new house. Uolis and Polly have been on a hiking date in our absence. Corri visits Gordra and updates her on the situation. She also donates the deafness cure to the town. Everyone returns home and spends a week learning things, building things.

Gundi cheers for X-Rated at the next races.

Corri mental links with Doe and meets True Thought

Team goes to the general store and meets Houlf, the owner and a map enthusiast. We trade a map for supplies and Doe photo-perfectly memorises a World Map.  

The team decide to head to Ancuan to get rasters, via Far Brohn and Milave. With the rasters they will travel into The Beyond and learn about Doe's past. 



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