Thoughts of Truth

A Really Good Day Out - Campaign Journal 1

Beneath the Pyramid Part 1

Here are the player notes, verbatim, unless otherwise indicated with my GM's Square Brackets of +1 Editorial!

Chapter 1: A Really Good Day Out

We are in the 9th World.
Numenera is weird shit lurking around. 
There, background. 

Codun… Not grand, just a town with some farms and such. 
- It is the day before the races! (Biomech insect racing)
- It's a little busy! BUSTLING!

We meet our first adventurer!:
Corri Sitana (played by Amber)
- She is here to inquire about the races…
… as a mechanic. 

Our second adventurer:
Stroggonov (played by Adrian)
- Seeks out clothes, gets distracted, strips naked

Stroggonov enters The Prize Winner, a pub.
- He is ushered to a table, alone (w/his double)
- It is PACKED in here

Corri tries to get into race place. 
- Stopped by guard
- Heads to Prize Winner
- Seated at same table as Strogg
- She looks around for team deets
- Can't tell from what they're wearing

Third adventurer:
Gundisalvus (Played by Kyle)
It consults its skull, Elizabeth, as to where she wishes to go/stay
- Skull is most posh. Oh god.
- Demands best inn in the town
- Rejects The Worn Bottle in favour of The Prize Winner
- Seated by perfectly groomed man… w/2 others
- Corri recognises Strogg (She helped him with a book), as does Gundi (Strogg hails G as god)

Neaca Nom
She stands at bar near some girls
- Hears annoying sound
- In nearby room, there's some strange Numenera performer. Hideous.
- Chats with Patsy, a Valley Girl
- Inquires about person she wants to find.
- Man arrives, "Yeah, what?"
- Neaca asks for drink, guy gives one, costs 3 shins.
There's only one table w/ free seats.
- Neaca leaves Patsy to sit at table
- Everyone introduces themselves

Doe enters town, is thirsty. Zones in on The Prize Winner. 
No-one wants to serve her.

Neaca explains that she's looking for someone, shows pictures.
"Musician" plays something loud and discordant. It becomes difficult to hear people. Table behind us starts to look annoyed. 

Corri goes to check out The Worn Bottle in case it's cheaper. Stroggonov promises to aid Corri in the future. Corri explains that's not needed.

The table behind us heckles at the "musician". "Musician" stalks down to our table, yells at us. This attracts the attention of the staff who, who kick us out. 

Gundisalvus updates Elizabeth on situation, re: Eviction.

Doe tries to order, but cannot draw the attention of the barman.
She leaves in shame. No-one notices.

The Worn Bottle is dark, filled with regulars, and has a nice atmosphere. The bar is a long polished piece of wood. 

Corri cannot see any [race] team members. Neaca approaches the bar, asks the nice, pretty, but 30-year-old barkeep about her missing friend. The barkeep, Polly[not to be confused with Patsy, who will never turn up again after this entry. Good job on names GM.] is very nice, takes Neaca's compliments about the bar with flustering.

Polli runs Corri and Neaca through prices of food and board.

Gundisalvus and Strogganov also enter, Gundisalvus accidentally shutting the door in Stoggonov's face. It apologizes.

Stroggonov says it was his fault, and summons a clone to help Corri [find race team members]. The clone bows to Gundisalvus and leaves… still naked. 

Doe enters and immediately heads to the bar. The barman makes eye-contact and Doe raises a finger, and her nanites knock on the bar. 

Polly brings two large (huge) plates of pie and explains that it is made of all the vegetables farmed in the town. 
Polly is amazed to meet Gundi and is much less amazed when Stroggonov calls him the god of death. Gundi and Strogg order some food, in fact Strogg orders two. Corri notices a carved bird tweeting and exclaims how interesting it is.
Polly's father then points out Doe who has been waiting patiently. 
Doe orders some [ Krunckjuice ] and shows Polly his/her robotic neck, this quite upsets Polly. 
Polly's father pulls out some bed linen (heavy) and carries it up the stairs. Neaca reduces the gravity of the linen to make the trip easier. 

Corri attempts to make converstation with Doe

Polly brings Gundi a pitcher of water that he puts his hand in. Polly asks about Gundi's past.

Corri says hi to Doe's nanites, they freeze up. 
Corri then says hi to Doe directly, it's awkward. 
Strogg thinks about what his clone may be doing. It has in fact run around the town in a bag [sack!] getting turned away by all the race teams, he does however eventually locate a very inebriated team who give him an autograph. Clone Strogg comes back to the inn and looks for Corri to give the autograph to. Corri asks Polly about the races.

Polly: "My favourite jockey is Uolis, he races Oh My Darling." She blushes.

Polly asks Corri to take a bet [to place at the races for her] and get Uolis' autograph. 
Strogg offers to mind the inn so Polly can go to the races, Polly says she needs to ask Da' and that she would need some fancy headwear. 
Polly explains that many rich people come to this town and bet "so much money". 
Strogg orders a [ Krunckjuice ], he finds it disgusting and his gag reflex triggers. 
Polly offers to stay up to take care of the group.
The group all decline and turn in for the night.
Gundisalvus goes for a walk around town after resting for 3 hours. It is the morning. Corri heads for the races first thing. Everyone else wakes up. Elizabeth antagonises Gundisalvus. Polly is [able] to go to the races if Stroggonov watches the bar.

Corri heads to a stable and eventually finds a team to help, looking after Rukomol. Every suggestion she makes just makes things worse by demanding red buckets. 

She gets replaced by a Chunky Custard stablemaster who proclaims:
She then asks to shadow him since she's new. She watches the pink "Floyd" Rukomol. She helps and watches until the fashion show. 

Polly's gang rock up to the raceway. It's pretty ovular. Polly's pretty hype and we all check out some fake fashion. 

Crazy woman tries to sell us junk. Stroggonov finds an amulet that makes holofish swim around him. Doe's nanites join in [the swimming] and Strogg buys it and goes broke. 

Gundi, at the will of Elizabeth, buys a metal fluffy collar thing [a ruff I think?]. Doe uses a dragonfly mirror to show Polly the back of her outfit, but just can't fashion right. 

Eventually Neaca figures out what is sexy as hell and Polly buys it. Gundi throws hats everywhere. Stroggonov finds a lovely hat for his 'master' and Elizabeth state's she'll be struck dead if he doesn't win.

Neaca tries and fails to haggle down a 1/2 shin rag. She's looking to make cash performing but it's too crowded. 

Doe approaches a dodgey & mangled looking guy. Neaca uses her pen to check the weight of Ruks to try and cheat probability. 
Everyone agreed to meet at the stands. 

A bell clangs!
- Man runs around handing out betting tickets. 
- Everyone but Doe accepts, bets are made!

The Rukomols to bet on are…

Number Barrier Rukomol Name Colours Odds Weight (Neaca knows)
1 3 Landslide Ivy   50:1 450
2 5 Sweetie Pie   5:1 407
3 8 X-Rated Black with White X 100:1 412
4 12 Calvin   3:1 400
5 1 Just a Breeze   5:1 350
6 4 Morning Feet Bright Yellow Soles/Feet 7:1 450
7 11 Chunky Custard Pink 30:1 408
8 9 Dream On   7:1 399
9 6 Oh My Darling Black with Gold Filligree 1.5:1 402
10 10 Golden Glow   11:1 350
11 7 That's The Idea   10:1 360
12 2 Razzle Dazzle   20:1 420

Corri goes to see racers
- They're very short
- She sees 2 jockeys, one male ~50 years old (Tallek) and one male, handsome, ~30 years old ( Uolis )
- Their Rukomol is named Iris
- Been racing her for, like, 10 years
- Finds Uolis, talks about Polly's bet. 
Other guy runs over to explain Iris' legs ain't so good. 
- The 2 male jockeys run off to Iris
- Devastated for her
Corri scans Iris…
- A 20!
- Detects pain and sadness in iris, mechanical parts seem… off. 
Bledsen, the stablehand is so thankful for this info but can't do shit.
Corri tries to help him out.
- A 20!
- Work out grit and gravel, which feels like… SABOTAGE!?
- Uolis asks her to come back after the race

Patsy is in it!
- She pulls out a Numenera device, [a voice amplifier of some sort]. #patsyvapes
Polly enters the competition along w/Gundi, [who is] explaining what he sees to Elizabeth.
- Everything is extravagent, some HELLA drunk people. 
- Cheering as peeps walk across stage.
There are 3 judges
- The moustachiod man from The Prize Winner, Blandr√©¬†Lambrini
- One austere outfit w/tall hat
- One adorned in gold

Gundi is called… The stage trembles w/each footstep.
- He sells the barbarian aesthetic
- Does a twirl
- Crowd cheers
- Tall hat guy looks impressed

Polly goes on stage
"Oh, you scrub up, don't you?" – Patsy

3 Finalists are chosen: Gundi (aka Sally), Polly and FASHION MAN
- Strogg tries to Push Patsy, but gets FASHION MAN instead, destroying his birdcage hat.
Which means…. POLLY WINS, Queen of the Raceway
Gundi comes second, <s>King/Queen</s> of the Raceway

Gang reconvenes in the stands
- Polly gets autograph [Uolis' autograph, from Corri], SO PLEASED!

The race ceremony begins, ruks start making their way out.
- 2 Jockeys! 1 for front/direction, other on the back

- Polly and Neaca cheer, Strogg B tears up a little back at the pub.

Dream On bucks off its jockeys and leaves the track, tearing off to the food stalls. Polly has her eyes on Uolis.

Seems to be a clean race, everyone jockeying (heh) for position. Just A Breeze starts to come up to the frone, as X Rated flags. Morning Feet starts a sprint.

They're coming around for the fourth lap. X Rated, Just A Breeze, Chunky Custard, Oh My Darling, Razzle Dazzle and That's The Idea are still in contention.  

As the final lap comes in, X Rated slows to a flat walk, Just A Breeze is leading. Razzle Dazzle flags as well. As they come to the final straight, Golden Glow tears towards the front, but trips! Oh My Darling sprints towards the front and takes it!

The final results are:
1. Oh My Darling
2. Just A Breeze
3. That's The Idea

Corri takes Polly to collect on her winning bet! 7.5 shins are hers. 

Corri breaks the great news, that Polly can come with her to visit Uolis. Patsy interviews the winners and everyone tracks around to Oh My Darling's area.

Bledsen walks everyone around. There's a celebratory atmosphere! Bledsen adds Iris' new rosette to the wall of victories. 

The team is introduces to the gang of friends. Polly and Uolis are extremely awkward and clearly crushing. 

Everyone is introduced in their idiosyncratic ways.

We are invited to dinner with Uolis! Neaca considers that she would not be able to eat otherwise. 

Gundisalvus considers the sabotage rocks. Yes, they look painful. Sabotage is ascertained to have taken place at night.

Neaca escorts Polly off gracefully. We head back to The Worn Bottle. Content Not Found: strogganov dispels Strogg 2, who drops a glass. It's super busy but it looks like Strogg 2 has done a good job. 

Chapter 1: A Really Good Day Out – Fin



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