Thoughts of Truth

Back to the Pyramid - Campaign Journal 3
Inside the Pyramid

It has been 3 days [since returning from the pyramid] … So the prophecy states.

- Neaca Nom has been meditating to use gravity better.
- Doe has been watching Rukmarolls and learning how to run better
- Corri Sitana has been learning from P-Dog's dad how to carve wood better
- Gundisalvus was sad
- Stroggonov looked for Jiale

NOW! We awake in The Worn Bottle
- Go to town hall w/Polly and Uolis
- Cheale is there doing paperwork

We see the mayor
- He wears a sash and a top hat with rukomols on it. 
- Hands Uolis 4 sets of keys… 

[It's house shopping time.]

We approach a house off the main road with a Cherry Red roof.
It has trees, a front yard, and upper section, chimneys…
Inside, doors are made of interlacing trees and roots that open when someone intends to walk through. 

Next house is 3-tiered! (Right to left)
- Hedge around it for maximum privacy 
- Neighborhood around here is mainly 1-storey houses
- In bottom floor of 3-storey part, find a set of stacking dolls with a lizard design. 
- When no-one's watching… They restack!
- Strogg takes them… BUT THEY RETURN

ANOTHER HOUSE!… Opposite the Prize Winner.
Jet black roof, tall tower, trees, hovering ring that pours pink liquid into a pool
- Liquid is… water! Tastes sweet
- Strogg pulls a SICK slam dunk on ring
- The house is on main road, no backyard, 0/10

Last house has a lime-flesh green roof
- Strange style, 2 'stilts' to an upper living area.
- A BASEMENT! Starts rattling… But it's empty
- It's a pretty normal ceiling and carpet
- [House] is close to Uolis' house, but very small.

Democracy is used to pick… HOUSE NUMBER CHERRY
- Polly and Uolis ask if [the party] if they'd like a sign carved by P-dog's dad. 
- Uolis hands over a red, wooden key to house

WE HAVE A HOUSE! [Please insert floor plan somewhere on the wiki later]

Polly and Dada-Polly bring some chairs, tables, etc
- It's all mismatched, like IKEA and stuff. 

Polly tells the group that Gordra and Cheale were looking for them. Neaca and Corri head over to the apothecary(The Loose Leaf). They are greeted by Sister Twia. Sister Twia oours some tea for Neaca and Corri. Doe is asked to wait outside (yeah she was here too). ¯\(ツ)
Corri and Doe argue about the nature of Doe's being. 

Strogg heads to the town hall in search of Jiale but instead finds Gordra who questions him about going into the pyramid. Strogg is inclined to go but does not wish to speak for the others. Gordra mentions she is looking for 2 things in the pyramid:
1. Stopping any dangers to the town of Codun
2. Retrieving anything that may be useful to the town. 
Strogg looks around the office for anything interesting. 

FYI: Baby Rukomols are called squiggles.

Hickows works under Gordra and delivers the mail. He is looking at a large list of complaints.

Neaca returns Derroch's sword. It is a nice action, everyone feels good, very wholesome.

Back at The Worn Bottle, Polly gives everyone more slice.
Corri discusses with Polly's Dad about adventuring.
Gundi does some gardening in the new house. 

The team all head to the town hall, Cheale joins the group. 
Some of the team leave objects [cyphers and oddities] at home [for safekeeping].
Strogg pulls out some fine white powder and snorts it in front of the whole town's police force. 
Content Not Found: sackonov
starts to drool a very very clear liquid into a box. 
Strogg knows that drinking the liquid would turn him invisible for 6 hours. 

The team head out. [And arrive at the pyramid… Time Skip]

Doe fondles a corpse and steals a shin. 
Corri looks for furniture, there does not seem to be anything of note. 

The group head towards the center of the City in Shadow. They take the platform to the interior of the pyramid. As they enter, a large shock shatters the [lizard-crystal-that-makes-platforms] into a thousand pieces. The panel that produces this large electrical shock falls away from the wall revealing a secret passage. 

Neaca and Gundi oppose OH&S problems this now poses.

A dark cololoured but well lit hall is ahead. Cheale points out that the pyramid is big, she hadnt seen this hall but she thinks that Jiale had. 

Twists and turns not much to it and Gundi and Doe fear OH&S risks. 

We hit a junction. A direction/room is chosen.


Doe points, Cheale forgets if shes been there or not. There's trash & we all search for loot. 

On entering the room Neaca hears a voice in her head, asks her to stand by a SUPER SAFE PIPE. She does. Green tendrils begin to consume Neaca's eyes. Neaca closes her eyes, but the tendrils take her right eye, and scrape the HECK out of the left eye. The tendrils consume the eye and you see it dissolve… Neaca is bleeding profusely. 

Gundi hears whispers of "She deserves it!"

Doe fucks up throwing a rock, hears "I can make you better"
Doe doesn't like that, so gets a bigger rock. 

Corri plugs the bleeding eye. 
Strogg used Push, missed, hit a tendril. He hears "We can give you unlimited power!"
Strogg and Sack charge in at the tendril, they lose their eyes, except sack's mechanical eye. Contact with the beast gets them sent into the past. [In this timeline the tendril monster is a baby, confined to one pipe. Strogg has an idea… ] Strogg and Sack rip a machine off the wall in this past-timeline and write 'STROG WOZ HERE' using their endless paint pot. In the future, the machine shimmers to the floor and the writing shimmers into the wall, faded. 

Corri patches up Neaca's eye somewhat while saying sweet nothings. Neaca shouts at the tendrils. 

Strogg pours paint down the tendril pipe for 3 weeks. He drinks the stealth spit from the box.
[The paradox has built up, the tendril has been weakened sufficiently. There never could have been contact with it and Strogg in the future. In the present timeline, the past has changed the course of history. There is no memory of Strogg and Sack. Neaca's eyes are fine. No pipes have been opened. No-one knows of the tendril monster. All of a sudden, a strange man appears in front of the adventuring group, dissolving out of thin air. They have never met before, but this man (named Stroggonov) is strangely familiar to the party.] Strogg tortures the now-weak tendril monster. 

Then Corri hears a voice asking to open valves to breathe… Corri asks the group about this. Strogg slams the wall, screaming, "OH MY GOD KILL IT WITH PAINT."
Corri feels compelled to open the valve and Strogg spear-tackles her to the ground. He tells off Doe for touching a valve. Doe's nanites slap her hand. Doe then writes her name, DOE, on her forehead with black paint. Well that's cleared up then.

A new room, the same voice. Gundi hears it and goes to open a high valve. Strogg summons Sack and twin-spear-tackles Gundi, which distracts him from his task. 

A little looting, a new room, more valves. Strogg yells at people to not touch valves. Doe now hears a voice. Cheale loots. 

Doe opens the valves… Strogg tackles too late! Has to throw paint at it. It commits a useless physical onslaught.

A new hall. Neaca offends the mysterious voice, causing tremors. We head to a smaller room, instead of the green glow. We hear mechanical whirrs and popping sounds. Neaca takes a reading of weight from the cylinder. Cheale gets loot. In the center of the room is a floating cylinder. Off the top is a bubble of an amorphous substance, clear and oily. It looks like it's breathing gently. Doe has an investigate. The cylinder is warm, smooth and metallic. The bubble is unlinked to the tentacles. Strogg confirms that it's safe, and it reveals a truth of the universe to him.

Strogg touches the bubble. It expands and takes Doe and Strogg to the room of the eyening. The cylinder comes with them. They touch it again, it teleports them again to a room they've never seen. They touch it again, it takes them to the first room the party arrived in, then the danger room again and then back to the start. 

Whole group head back towards one of these newly revealed rooms. Inside the room is a crackling wall with a complicated array of cyphers, including a grey cube. It looks expensive and valuable. Cheale grabs it. It instantly eats into her arms, she screams and falls backwards, melding into the floor. Stroggonov blasts one of the crackling spires close by and Cheale is electrocuted. She is unmerged from the floor, but the grey box is still eating its way up her arms. 

Doe stabs the cube fragment left in Cheale's hands. The cube stops and Cheale slowly regains calm. Now partially recovered, the group heads back to the hallway junction.

The next room is filled with valves and very angry mental ranting. Strogg gives the pipes a bash and ye old tentacle beast screams. Its yells hurt a lot. 

We move on. A pool of pink energy fills the floor of the next room. Strogg identifies that it automatically recharges mechanical cyphers. Experiments on Doe go poorly. BACKSTORIES!

Corri finds a small robot trapped under rubble. Corri frees it and it tears off to the electrical wall room where Cheale found the cube. Party visits it. It's sitting comfortably and despite Corri talking to it, it says very little. 

Team double back to check the green glowing room they had been avoiding. Across one wall is a large door. 
- Strogg and Sack try to push door open. A blue device above the door pulses and a holographic blue serpent with wings appears to FUCK US UP

Serpent goes to attack Sack, but misses. COMBAT.
Doe misses.
… Everyone else runs out of the room. The Blue beast phases out of sight and reappears behind group where they were retreating to!
Corri holds up little black pyramid. The serpent dives at her immediately but misses.
Cheale pulls out an axe and tries to slice the serpent. Gets energy feedback. SONNUVA BITCH
Gundi goes to climb up and smash the blue stone… makes progress.
Doe shoots the thing…. CRITICAL FAIL
Neaca jumps up and stabs the blue fucker. 20!
The beast lets out an electric wail and looks almost destroyed. 
Strogg tries a mental onslaught.. but… "Did I leave the stove on?"
Blue dude goes in for the non-literal-kill on Neaca. Yup, it hits.
Corri throws a dagger at the fucker… but hits Neaca and it ricochets and bounces back (off her tin foil hat.)
Cheale misses with her axe. GG.
Gundi hammers against the blue stone… Nope. 
Doe misses a shot.
Neaca misses.
- it dissolves into nothingness
- the blue crystal falls out of the door and into Gundi's eye. It then bounces off and smashes on floor. 

Wait wait before we go through… We enter the last unexplored room from before. 
We feel sick at the sight of a symbol painted on the floor. Oh, and a rock. No meaningful interpreteation. 

Doe goes to move rock. Strogg goes to help… but the closer he gets, the more and more he retches. He is struck by divine knowledge! Corri seems to be able to read his mind!

We head back to the room where we defeated the serpent. Corri's latent mental link is Strogg. Gundi, with the gem he retreived, presses it to the door. The door opens!

As the group pass through the door, they encounter a T Junction. Both ends curve so that the rooms at the end cannot be seen. The team goes left and follow the path while the tentacles yell at everyone. In the next room there is a large blue disk hanging from the ceiling. A faint telepathic message tries to reach the group. Doe walks on to the platform and everyone receives a message saying, "Choose your destination".

The team decide to ignore the message, until Strogg asks to go to the end of the dungeon and everyone is teleported to the blue-mist room. They walk back to the platform and Cheale suddenly begins screaming. Doe stabs her hands again, stemming the growth of the cube making its way up her arms up again. Strogg pulls Cleale onto the teleporting platform and yells "Codun Apothecary!". In a flash of light, she is sent away. 

The team heads down a new path. In the next room they find a hyge expanse filled with 12 inverted cones and an automation working at each. Every cone is filled with square plates of synth. Corri speaks to one of the robots and asks what they do.
"We are the organizers of (word that could mean universal super party)"
As Corri wanders around the room she finds 6 reverse party hats. The hats are distributed around the party.

One of the robots drops a human-shaped piece of cloth. The cloth explodes into a large humanoid and attacks Corri. The beast then dashes behind Doe and slams her on the ground. Strogg and Neaca attack the beast both landing solid blows before it turns and smacks Neaca. 
Gundi catches 3 of the beasts's out of phase images, bringing them together as 1. Corri ensures that the automatons won't mind us fighting the beast. As Neaca stabs the beast, some of the quicksilver it is made of runs down her blade and evaporates. 'Quicksilver' then headbutts Gundi… in the head. Gundi gives QS a warm hug. 
Neaca, jumping from a bolt embedded in Gundi's bark, pierces the skull of QA, causing it to evaporate.

Gundi gets an awesome interdimensional pocket. 

The organizers have been annoyed by the noise and now refuse to respond to any communication.

Moving into the last room, the party spy an impossible cube floating in the middle. Corri is overwhelmed by the cube, developing a compulsion to wash her hands at the smell of baking bread. 

Neaca suddenly understands how to remove the cube from Cheale's flesh. 

The cube with 9 sides and 7 corners continues to spin. 

The group head back to the Codun apothecary via teleporter. 
Neaca heads inside to see Cheale. She does an interpretive dance to cure Cheale. Everyone is shocked and in awe of her majesty. The cube retracts from Cheale's palms. Sister Twia was very upset by this and contains the cube in a jar. 

The team returns to the Worn Bottle, have dinner and discuss adventure. Neaca visits Tallek, Bledsen and Uolis. Interrupts them during dinner, they have crates of utensils and things to donate to the new house. Uolis and Polly have been on a hiking date in our absence. Corri visits Gordra and updates her on the situation. She also donates the deafness cure to the town. Everyone returns home and spends a week learning things, building things.

Gundi cheers for X-Rated at the next races.

Corri mental links with Doe and meets True Thought

Team goes to the general store and meets Houlf, the owner and a map enthusiast. We trade a map for supplies and Doe photo-perfectly memorises a World Map.  

The team decide to head to Ancuan to get rasters, via Far Brohn and Milave. With the rasters they will travel into The Beyond and learn about Doe's past. 

Maybe the Pyramid is Friendship? - Campaign Journal 2
Beneath the Pyramid Part 2

Here are the player notes from the second session, verbatim, unless otherwise indicated or when I'm editing out all of Nick's non-contextual expletives!

Chapter 2: Maybe the Pyramid is Friendship?

The party is in an hour!? LORDY!

Corri Sitana scans the wooden bird back in The Worn Bottle
- Such craftmanship… ~ AESTHETIC ~

Corri stalks Polly to back, where P-dog's freshening up
- Asks about bird, but Polly is HELLA HYPE
- Polly fawns over childhood friend Uolis
- She's ambitious to go travelling, and Uolis is the travelling typs.

Bledsen knocks at the door to get everyone to the party. 

The Prize Winner is PAAACKED
Turn down back road to find quaint villas
- People are going about their business.
- Bledsen takes us to house w/blue roof, 2 storeys, picket fence, roof balcony w/a Uolis waving
- Doesn't have a distasteful amount of furniture
- It's a big house. Cool. 
- We come to roof balcony. Couple of tables, drinks, etc. 
… Hang on, where's Doe!?
- Strogg 2 dons his clone bag [sack] (so he's not nekkid) to find her.

The sun begins to set…

We're all seated. Uolis stands.
- It is tradition to regale tales of family and the land, Numenera, etc.
- They tell the same story each time. 
- Uolis tells tale of Dlurian, his brother. Threw knife while travelling in Navarene, stuck in mid-air. Still there!?
- Bledsen's 2nd Cousin, Ephremon, sells oddities, and for payment requires memories that are never missed.
- Tallek's son met a woman who animates dead bones. oooooooooooooooo

Polly is… nervous. This is her first time:
"Da talks of Hypotos, 'where Ma went,'" (So not true)
There is a temple where peeps share tranquil dreams. 
- Uolis: "What a lovely story."
- everyone else

[ Neaca Nom's story:]
- Raised in Nom, wishes to find Riley
- She was content in town, Riley yearned for more. 

[ Gundisalvus's Story]
- When it met its master, part of training was carrying water up mountain…. But it's impossible to fill it up. 
- So fuck that shit, work smart, not hard. 

[Strogg's Story]
- "I have seen the texts of the universe. When I die, I SHALL CONTINUE." 
- "…ooo"

[Texts? truths? Nick's handwriting defeated me] 

- Corri opts out for now. 

- Polly and Uolis warming up to eachother. 

Strogg 2 returns [from searching for Doe]. No Doe 
- 60% of people watched Strogg 2 get dispelled. 
- "WOW," – the 60%

Gundi and Elizabeth jeer @ losers over at Prize Winner

An ominous blue cloud emerges over horizon toward raceway. 
- Party wraps up, peeps ask to stay at Uolis' home. 
- Blue fog consumes the home. 

Strogg tries to make patterns in cloud. 
- … smashing a window
- … which is repaired by Corri
- Breaking Polly's hat! NOOO!

Uolis beckons Polly to return to guest room. 
- Peck on cheek. So we leave Polly. 

Everyone gets some sleep.*
- *Gundi doesn't sleep

[The next morning…]
Bledsen and Uolis go to check on Iris.
- Gundi follows, but goes to cemetary.
- Neaca heads to Worn Bottle to check on Da'

Gundi buries Elizabeth w/ <s>—King/Queen—</s> of the Raceway sash.
- "Th… Thank you… What was your name again?"
Grass grows beneath Gundi… Meaningfully

Neaca informs Da that Polly's fine. 
- He chill. 

Bledsen, Uolis BUST back into Uolis' place.
- There's just AN SINGULAR LEG!

The whole race team leaves in a rush. 

- "I'unno, I'm not the GM" – Nick

We head to The Raceway!
- The leg belonged to [[X Rated]]
No tracks!
- Corri scans the leg
- Something feels odd, compelled to pick it up. 
- She picks it up, a line appears, vaguely 
- Corri asks if the others want to follow it
- Uolis + crew don't follow

- Seems to be going into the desert
- … Far away…
- … For a while…

THEN, a cry from a goat…
- Some have goat heads, others have goat bits, etc.
- The blue line keeps going.

Neaca is hit by an arrow!
- She fucks it back up. 
Strogg starts buzzering one of them. 
Corri tries diplomacy. No. 
Gundi raises one. It's… Helpless
- Doe is seen on the horizon

Strogg pours his bottle of paint into the eyes of the Margr beneath him. It wriggles free but stumbles blindly into a cactus.

Neaca and Doe loot the goat boss. Corri finds some shins and splits them up. Neaca's pack is broken beyond repair with what we have and she has to bring her pack bundled in her arms. 

We walk and night settles. Attempting to construct a Numenera shelter, Doe instead cops a face full of corrosion and chemicals. 

Neaca tries to hack a cactus open for water, but Gundisalvus knows the water is all underground. Neaca cannot be bothered. 

Everyone settles down and rests. Upon waking safely, the group follows the blue line. After a few hours, a black, enormous pyramid comes into view. It's hovering, ominously, over a ruined city. It's smooth, dark and cold. 

The city is made of rock and dust, with an entrance on the side. Stroggonov knows the pyramid dates from an older world. The city rests inside its shadow. The City in Shadow 

The gang enters the city. Its buildings are flat, having only a single storey, they interlink and have no rooves. Near the middle of the city two towers extend towards the pyramid, but do not reach it. 

Neaca climbs a wall, trying to get a better view. The city matches the shadow of the pyramid at midday. There are additional entrances at the north and south of the city.

There are insects and slinking lizards, but no other life. There's no corpses either. As the group moves towards the center of the city, they pass ruined statues and decrepit furniture. 

Arriving at a four way junction, Corri steps directly into the middle of the plaza. The blue line points directly up, but nothing else happens. 

Doe and Corri head east, coming across the towers. One of them has no stairs, but the top of the other is collapsed. Atop the collapsed tower lie three corpses. 

Doe immediately loots them, 

Between their misc. goods, one of the corpses is grasping something. 

Sally searches nearby buildings with Strog. It funds a 14ft x 3ft metal cylinder that is very shiny with a circular dial on the bottom. Neaca tries to hover up the large tower but is instead blown into a rock, drawing blood. Doe reunited with Neaca and Corri prompts them to investigate the tower and find the corpses. 
They all hear a large noise created by Strogg pushing the metal cylinder, they head to the noise.
Strogg and Corri both investigate the cylinder,.
Corri finds that the dial has a child proof lock and the cylinder begins to open and a pile of rubbish falls out.
The group rummages through the pile like a gang of trash pandas.

Corri finds a black rod the same material as the pyramid.
Neaca finds 3 shins, Sally finds a large piece of glass, Doe finds a creepy oddity that displays the face of a fish person. 
Strogg weeps because Corri found a black rod. 
Neaca tells Strogg she will help him find a black rod, this makes Strogg feel better. 
Sally decides to investigate the tower with the corpses. Neaca and Strogg search the ruins and encounter a 4 meter long red lizard that moves aggressively toward Neaca, Strogg and Does (yes she's here). Doe shoots at it but the bolt is reflected back into Doe. Strogg shoots his Buzzer, that is also reflected. Neaca attempts to attack the beast but is smashed when its tail collapses a wall on her. She is trapped.
The beast turns its attention to Doe. The lizard tries to attack Doe but she side steps its attack and smacks the beast in its ribs. Strogg force pushes the lizard which in turn force pushes Strogg back. 

Meanwhile Corri finds nothing of interest and heads back to Sally. 

Back at the fight, Neaca pushes off a rock. Still trapped. 
Doe uses her quarter staff to jab the lizard in the eye. The gem in its forehead pulses, flinging a rock back onto Neaca, 
Strogg thows a Rotten Bomb into the lizard's mouth.
Neaca continues to remove rocks, still trapped. 
Corri and Sally hear the rumbling of a battle. 
Doe struggles on the ground as Corri and Sally walk in.
Neaca losing strength blows some sand off the pile. 
Strogg considers injecting tree people with drugs. 
Doe cripples the back legs of the beast by stabbing it in the back. 
Doe tries to chisel the gem out of the lizard. 
It falls to the ground, leaving an open wound. 
Strogg raises the gem above his head that creates a platform that raises everyone but Neaca into arms reach of the Pyramid above. 
[They descend again…]
Doe strokes the lizard, the lizard does not like this.
Everyone helps to unearth Neaca.
The lizard is incredibly injured and is put down by Doe's crossbow.
The group head to the centre of the city where they take the panel to the top of the city/bottom of the pyramid.
There is a hole where Corri inserts her rod. 
Blue light encompasses the group. 

We teleport to somewhere. The blue energy fades & we find ourselves in a 15mx15m chamber. 3 people are in the chamber already and tell us the Ruks are in the other room. They watch us warily as we go over to see them. Main guy gets aggrivated and tells lady sidekick to kill us/pat us down. She takes Doe's cypher gives it to main guy. He crushes the cypher and picks it apart. Cheale = lady, Jiale = main guy. Neaca is talking to Cheale to try & asses her loyalty. She's paid mercenary. Strog propels Derroch into the air with the reptilian crystal where he is grabbed by [a metal] tentacle arm. Cheale helps him down but he is thrown up by Strogg again. Cheale is fed up and tells Derroch to just kill them. Strogg moves Derroch into Jiale. Jiale blasts Doe and she takes damage and turns blue on contract with the energy. Jiale blasts at Neaca but she dodges, a machine is damaged, deactivating an arm. Derroch & Jiale bump into each other and Gundi tackles Cheale before Jiale unloads both arms at Gundi. Derroch charges at Gundi, but Sackonov tackles him, taking damage. Corri tries to figure out which console operates which thing. Cheale charges at Doe, "I really wish you hadn't done that." Misses Does absent jaw & reels back. "What are you?!". Jiale fires at Gundi and misses. Strogg pushes Derroch ineffectively. Derroch retaliates, heavy damage to Strogg. Gundi charges at Jiale. Neaca looks at the big machine in the other room. Jiale laughs at Gundi's advance and grabs him, worming his fingers into his bark. 

Doe attemps to hit Cheale with a quarter staff but gets abused about her appearance. Doe rolls a 1 to dodge and is knocked out cold. Cheale puts a cloth on the body and is out for more blood. 
Neaca continues to abandon the fight still and go for rukomols. 

Corri finally commands claws and violently disarms Cheale.

Neaca enters the Ruk-room and sees Stroggonov eat a toadstool and Sackonov tackling Derroch. 

Sally isn't free, but got buzzed again. 

Corri fails to wake the KO'd Doe and has an angry Cheale. She also got a claw stuck in her shirt. 

Sackonov fucking DESTROYS Derrochs face with his face while Stroggonov slams him into a machine. 

Sally grabbed his cyphers and rammed them down Jiale's throat but the eye cypher gets spat up. 
Gundi gets zapped more. 

Sack and Strogg do and action flick jump and punch Derroch's face again. More broken bones and blood. 

Neaca continues continues being useless.

Eyes were stabbed.

Corri is trying to claw Jiale and raise Doe 

Sally's arm got injected with foam that made his hand fall off. 

Doe's nanites wake her up and she stands wide-eyes.

Cheale is stuck in claws regretting life choices. 

Doe loads crossbow

Strogg steps over a bodied Derrock and gives the thunder wire to Neaca. Neaca helps Jiale get off Sally after rolling a 10. 

Corri sadly fails to grab Jiale but unhooks herself. 

Cheale is still mad at life and axes Sally who follows up with not-stabbing Jiale

Jiale is re-evalualting tactics and buzzes Sally again, whi now can't see anything. 

Doe crossbows Jiale's calf, it carves clean through. 

Stroggonov follows up having Sack spear tackle Jiale off Sally wth Strogg blasting Jiale's mortal existance.

Neaca did nuthin. 

Corri helps restrain Jiale w/a claw
- Runs to Derroch to stabalise him 

Jiale bites at Sackonov
- Blue energy spreads over Sacky's skin and kills him
- Strogg doesn't feel so good. 

Gundi wipes blue stuff off face
- Restrains Jiale, doesn't brutally hurt him. [That's specific… ]

Doe hits Jiale on the head, knocks him out


We grab some cyphers and shins
- Georgie is amazed we're alive. DAFUQ!?

Cheale is just off chopping at the air in anger
Derroch drops his bags, oddities, etc
- Neaca applies some rejuvination juice

Corri examines big machine in Rukomol room
- It's an ordering machine!
- The blue fog seems to fetch what it needs.
- The group tries decoding this machine

There seems to be a return button, but we test it first w/[Derroch's] old wire blade
- Set it to use the Rukomols…. This will be interesting… [Choose to send X Rated by machine]
- Door opens for thing to be returned.
… Door shuts… hoo boy…
- We take the other 2 Rukomols to ride home

Cheale looks shocked w/ the state of the others [Derroch and Jiale]
- Wants to be returned (and bring others)

Corri disables fetching machine for good.

Neaca gifts Jiale a cypher.
- … Doe disapproves and takes the cypher

We all leave the pyramid. 

Cheale and Derroch are offered the chance to come with us and they accept [yeah well what choice did they have?]. Doe buries the lizard corpse, which is decayed enough to show that we've been away for ~ 3 days. Doe tells everyone her name [Spoiler, it's Doe], by writing in the dirt. 

We come back to town. Polly is happy to see us. Cheale and Derroch are taken to the Apothecary. Cheale heads to The Prize Winner and we take the Rukomols to the track. Neaca visit Uolis at home and gives the team the good news. 

X Rated confirmed for safe! 

Everyone's happy to see us and the rukomol. Uolis offers to buy us a house [as grateful thank you for returning Iris] and we're talked into it. 

We filter back to The Worn Bottle and we are introduced to Gordra, town constable. 

She is planning on raiding the pyramid, but Polly offers us other options….

A Really Good Day Out - Campaign Journal 1
Beneath the Pyramid Part 1

Here are the player notes, verbatim, unless otherwise indicated with my GM's Square Brackets of +1 Editorial!

Chapter 1: A Really Good Day Out

We are in the 9th World.
Numenera is weird shit lurking around. 
There, background. 

Codun… Not grand, just a town with some farms and such. 
- It is the day before the races! (Biomech insect racing)
- It's a little busy! BUSTLING!

We meet our first adventurer!:
Corri Sitana (played by Amber)
- She is here to inquire about the races…
… as a mechanic. 

Our second adventurer:
Stroggonov (played by Adrian)
- Seeks out clothes, gets distracted, strips naked

Stroggonov enters The Prize Winner, a pub.
- He is ushered to a table, alone (w/his double)
- It is PACKED in here

Corri tries to get into race place. 
- Stopped by guard
- Heads to Prize Winner
- Seated at same table as Strogg
- She looks around for team deets
- Can't tell from what they're wearing

Third adventurer:
Gundisalvus (Played by Kyle)
It consults its skull, Elizabeth, as to where she wishes to go/stay
- Skull is most posh. Oh god.
- Demands best inn in the town
- Rejects The Worn Bottle in favour of The Prize Winner
- Seated by perfectly groomed man… w/2 others
- Corri recognises Strogg (She helped him with a book), as does Gundi (Strogg hails G as god)

Neaca Nom
She stands at bar near some girls
- Hears annoying sound
- In nearby room, there's some strange Numenera performer. Hideous.
- Chats with Patsy, a Valley Girl
- Inquires about person she wants to find.
- Man arrives, "Yeah, what?"
- Neaca asks for drink, guy gives one, costs 3 shins.
There's only one table w/ free seats.
- Neaca leaves Patsy to sit at table
- Everyone introduces themselves

Doe enters town, is thirsty. Zones in on The Prize Winner. 
No-one wants to serve her.

Neaca explains that she's looking for someone, shows pictures.
"Musician" plays something loud and discordant. It becomes difficult to hear people. Table behind us starts to look annoyed. 

Corri goes to check out The Worn Bottle in case it's cheaper. Stroggonov promises to aid Corri in the future. Corri explains that's not needed.

The table behind us heckles at the "musician". "Musician" stalks down to our table, yells at us. This attracts the attention of the staff who, who kick us out. 

Gundisalvus updates Elizabeth on situation, re: Eviction.

Doe tries to order, but cannot draw the attention of the barman.
She leaves in shame. No-one notices.

The Worn Bottle is dark, filled with regulars, and has a nice atmosphere. The bar is a long polished piece of wood. 

Corri cannot see any [race] team members. Neaca approaches the bar, asks the nice, pretty, but 30-year-old barkeep about her missing friend. The barkeep, Polly[not to be confused with Patsy, who will never turn up again after this entry. Good job on names GM.] is very nice, takes Neaca's compliments about the bar with flustering.

Polli runs Corri and Neaca through prices of food and board.

Gundisalvus and Strogganov also enter, Gundisalvus accidentally shutting the door in Stoggonov's face. It apologizes.

Stroggonov says it was his fault, and summons a clone to help Corri [find race team members]. The clone bows to Gundisalvus and leaves… still naked. 

Doe enters and immediately heads to the bar. The barman makes eye-contact and Doe raises a finger, and her nanites knock on the bar. 

Polly brings two large (huge) plates of pie and explains that it is made of all the vegetables farmed in the town. 
Polly is amazed to meet Gundi and is much less amazed when Stroggonov calls him the god of death. Gundi and Strogg order some food, in fact Strogg orders two. Corri notices a carved bird tweeting and exclaims how interesting it is.
Polly's father then points out Doe who has been waiting patiently. 
Doe orders some [ Krunckjuice ] and shows Polly his/her robotic neck, this quite upsets Polly. 
Polly's father pulls out some bed linen (heavy) and carries it up the stairs. Neaca reduces the gravity of the linen to make the trip easier. 

Corri attempts to make converstation with Doe

Polly brings Gundi a pitcher of water that he puts his hand in. Polly asks about Gundi's past.

Corri says hi to Doe's nanites, they freeze up. 
Corri then says hi to Doe directly, it's awkward. 
Strogg thinks about what his clone may be doing. It has in fact run around the town in a bag [sack!] getting turned away by all the race teams, he does however eventually locate a very inebriated team who give him an autograph. Clone Strogg comes back to the inn and looks for Corri to give the autograph to. Corri asks Polly about the races.

Polly: "My favourite jockey is Uolis, he races Oh My Darling." She blushes.

Polly asks Corri to take a bet [to place at the races for her] and get Uolis' autograph. 
Strogg offers to mind the inn so Polly can go to the races, Polly says she needs to ask Da' and that she would need some fancy headwear. 
Polly explains that many rich people come to this town and bet "so much money". 
Strogg orders a [ Krunckjuice ], he finds it disgusting and his gag reflex triggers. 
Polly offers to stay up to take care of the group.
The group all decline and turn in for the night.
Gundisalvus goes for a walk around town after resting for 3 hours. It is the morning. Corri heads for the races first thing. Everyone else wakes up. Elizabeth antagonises Gundisalvus. Polly is [able] to go to the races if Stroggonov watches the bar.

Corri heads to a stable and eventually finds a team to help, looking after Rukomol. Every suggestion she makes just makes things worse by demanding red buckets. 

She gets replaced by a Chunky Custard stablemaster who proclaims:
She then asks to shadow him since she's new. She watches the pink "Floyd" Rukomol. She helps and watches until the fashion show. 

Polly's gang rock up to the raceway. It's pretty ovular. Polly's pretty hype and we all check out some fake fashion. 

Crazy woman tries to sell us junk. Stroggonov finds an amulet that makes holofish swim around him. Doe's nanites join in [the swimming] and Strogg buys it and goes broke. 

Gundi, at the will of Elizabeth, buys a metal fluffy collar thing [a ruff I think?]. Doe uses a dragonfly mirror to show Polly the back of her outfit, but just can't fashion right. 

Eventually Neaca figures out what is sexy as hell and Polly buys it. Gundi throws hats everywhere. Stroggonov finds a lovely hat for his 'master' and Elizabeth state's she'll be struck dead if he doesn't win.

Neaca tries and fails to haggle down a 1/2 shin rag. She's looking to make cash performing but it's too crowded. 

Doe approaches a dodgey & mangled looking guy. Neaca uses her pen to check the weight of Ruks to try and cheat probability. 
Everyone agreed to meet at the stands. 

A bell clangs!
- Man runs around handing out betting tickets. 
- Everyone but Doe accepts, bets are made!

The Rukomols to bet on are…

Number Barrier Rukomol Name Colours Odds Weight (Neaca knows)
1 3 Landslide Ivy   50:1 450
2 5 Sweetie Pie   5:1 407
3 8 X-Rated Black with White X 100:1 412
4 12 Calvin   3:1 400
5 1 Just a Breeze   5:1 350
6 4 Morning Feet Bright Yellow Soles/Feet 7:1 450
7 11 Chunky Custard Pink 30:1 408
8 9 Dream On   7:1 399
9 6 Oh My Darling Black with Gold Filligree 1.5:1 402
10 10 Golden Glow   11:1 350
11 7 That's The Idea   10:1 360
12 2 Razzle Dazzle   20:1 420

Corri goes to see racers
- They're very short
- She sees 2 jockeys, one male ~50 years old (Tallek) and one male, handsome, ~30 years old ( Uolis )
- Their Rukomol is named Iris
- Been racing her for, like, 10 years
- Finds Uolis, talks about Polly's bet. 
Other guy runs over to explain Iris' legs ain't so good. 
- The 2 male jockeys run off to Iris
- Devastated for her
Corri scans Iris…
- A 20!
- Detects pain and sadness in iris, mechanical parts seem… off. 
Bledsen, the stablehand is so thankful for this info but can't do shit.
Corri tries to help him out.
- A 20!
- Work out grit and gravel, which feels like… SABOTAGE!?
- Uolis asks her to come back after the race

Patsy is in it!
- She pulls out a Numenera device, [a voice amplifier of some sort]. #patsyvapes
Polly enters the competition along w/Gundi, [who is] explaining what he sees to Elizabeth.
- Everything is extravagent, some HELLA drunk people. 
- Cheering as peeps walk across stage.
There are 3 judges
- The moustachiod man from The Prize Winner, Blandré Lambrini
- One austere outfit w/tall hat
- One adorned in gold

Gundi is called… The stage trembles w/each footstep.
- He sells the barbarian aesthetic
- Does a twirl
- Crowd cheers
- Tall hat guy looks impressed

Polly goes on stage
"Oh, you scrub up, don't you?" – Patsy

3 Finalists are chosen: Gundi (aka Sally), Polly and FASHION MAN
- Strogg tries to Push Patsy, but gets FASHION MAN instead, destroying his birdcage hat.
Which means…. POLLY WINS, Queen of the Raceway
Gundi comes second, <s>King/Queen</s> of the Raceway

Gang reconvenes in the stands
- Polly gets autograph [Uolis' autograph, from Corri], SO PLEASED!

The race ceremony begins, ruks start making their way out.
- 2 Jockeys! 1 for front/direction, other on the back

- Polly and Neaca cheer, Strogg B tears up a little back at the pub.

Dream On bucks off its jockeys and leaves the track, tearing off to the food stalls. Polly has her eyes on Uolis.

Seems to be a clean race, everyone jockeying (heh) for position. Just A Breeze starts to come up to the frone, as X Rated flags. Morning Feet starts a sprint.

They're coming around for the fourth lap. X Rated, Just A Breeze, Chunky Custard, Oh My Darling, Razzle Dazzle and That's The Idea are still in contention.  

As the final lap comes in, X Rated slows to a flat walk, Just A Breeze is leading. Razzle Dazzle flags as well. As they come to the final straight, Golden Glow tears towards the front, but trips! Oh My Darling sprints towards the front and takes it!

The final results are:
1. Oh My Darling
2. Just A Breeze
3. That's The Idea

Corri takes Polly to collect on her winning bet! 7.5 shins are hers. 

Corri breaks the great news, that Polly can come with her to visit Uolis. Patsy interviews the winners and everyone tracks around to Oh My Darling's area.

Bledsen walks everyone around. There's a celebratory atmosphere! Bledsen adds Iris' new rosette to the wall of victories. 

The team is introduces to the gang of friends. Polly and Uolis are extremely awkward and clearly crushing. 

Everyone is introduced in their idiosyncratic ways.

We are invited to dinner with Uolis! Neaca considers that she would not be able to eat otherwise. 

Gundisalvus considers the sabotage rocks. Yes, they look painful. Sabotage is ascertained to have taken place at night.

Neaca escorts Polly off gracefully. We head back to The Worn Bottle. Content Not Found: strogganov dispels Strogg 2, who drops a glass. It's super busy but it looks like Strogg 2 has done a good job. 

Chapter 1: A Really Good Day Out – Fin


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