"Codun lies near the center of the southern border of the sweeping Pytharon Empire, and to the north of the cold desert of MatheunisTo the east of the town lies a racetrack a half mile around, called the Raceway. Here, locals race 14ft biomechanical insects called rukomol."

Places of Interest in Codun:

The Worn Bottle - Inn
Small tavern that meets travelers trekking the eastern road into Codun. It is run by a woman named Polly and her aging father

The Prize Winner – Inn

Furniture Store


The Loose Leaf – Apothecary 

General Store:
Will exchange goods for new maps, if the PCs keep such records.

The Town Hall – Council House, Post Office & Watchhouse:
Gordra, post office watchman man, mayor with hat

Uolis' House


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