A mad Nano who exists in two places at once (no it’s not just twins)

Observer’s notes on the Stroggonov.
Stroggonov is quite visibly deranged, and at times it can be hard to tell if he’s going to “cover your shift at the bar” or “punch you in the skullmask”. Though for the most part it seems like he tries keep levelheaded and be kind, he has been known to just have an emotional breakdown for little sane reason.
Both he and his duplicate act very much the same but as he hasn’t stayed with his current group of comrades it’s unknown if they are identical or if they have slightly different personalities.
Though when met with a potentially life threatening situation they act in unison with a startling degree of synchronicity for the best chance at Stroggonov’s survival.

During some time in Far Brohn, the party ended up visiting Edith the Oracatular. While the whole party received interesting prophecies of varying tales, Stroggonov was told that he was to die, but his life would be a good and remembered one.
Going in Stroggonov knew this was bullshit so he put very little regard in the feeble creature’s lies. For if he were to die, his backup plan would come to fruition, thus he can never truly die. only the shell that is his current body. And of course he would be remembered throughout all of Time, for he is the seeker of akashic knowledge. He already knew this going in, so if anything that pitiful thing just read his mind and skimmed the surface of his life goal.


Stroggonov wasn’t always mad. A child of travellers seeking knowledge and secrets he was always on the move. From birth he has been partially blind in his left eye but it never hindered him. Always travelling with parents seeking out new and wonderous secrets of the world by the age of 19 he split off from his parents when they finally decided to head to their favourite city to live out their days working a library, in the hopes they could share what they’ve discovered. When he left he promised to keep in touch with them and tell stories of adventure over letter when he isn’t able to visit and tell them in person. During this time he was old enough to safely have his blind-eye replaced with a mechanical one in the Pytharon Empire.

Life for Stroggonov changed while he was 22 when he found out about a book titled “Duplicators: Origins Of Menace”. Only one was made and by all appearance this book had crazed ramblings about strange capabilities people could perform where they could create a clone from themselves. Be it part of their psyche, using nanites to simulate them, or outright will them into existence.

However the true secret of this book lies in a strange numenera mechanism. To those who read the book, it is simply about Duplication, to those who have another discover and retrieve the book for them, it is so much more. Upon opening the book, after having another seek out the book, the knowledge of all space and time is revealed. The writing fades away as letters start glowing brighter and brighter in brilliant gold, and all he can make out are the following letters “AKASHIC” scrawled across pages. Flooded with information he couldn’t contain it all.

Rushing as fast as he could attempting to store it all in whatever way he could come up with proved useless, pages filled with advanced mathematics beyond the 9th world, recording devices overwhelmed with white noise, machines incapable of turning on from the flood of data. Anything and everything was shutting down having useful data replaced with incomprehensible information, even Stroggonov’s brain was beginning to shut down.

Then a massive explosion followed by red mist. Having no idea what exploded, the book completely gone and wishing he wasn’t alive from the agony, it took several moments for him to realise that his leg was the red mist and he was now crippled far from anyone who could help. Completely mindlessly he manages to bandage up the fresh stump without even moving. He recalls very little of his prior life or the knowledge he gained.

Of what he does remember,
– A repair shop in a town
– The god of death walking through a cemetary
– Temporal anchor
– gestating a being existing in the 4th dimension

After coming to his senses he realises it wasn’t him, yet it was, who bandaged his stump. Looking into his own face he sees the look of himself that would do anything he commanded. A brief talk with himself leads to the realisation that Stroggonov is looking at a clone of himself, willed into existence from a fear of death. They manage to get Stroggonov to the nearest city and a leg built for him.

For the next year he worked on a Temporal Belt and creating a stable clone that lived in the 4th dimension and removed the flaws he must live with. Tied into his belt, the clocks track the point both he and the temporal being exist at. Designed as the ultimate failsafe and locked to their genetic code, the belt was built in the event of his death and will bring in his progeny to continue his works. Sooner or later, time will tell if he will achieve his final goal.

Travelling through a town south of the Pytharon Empire in search of artifacts his belt requires repair. Hoping that the mechanic will understand that he just needs parts to work on it and not have anyone tinker with it. He heads in to the shop, successfully gets parts and is incredibly greatful, until he sees a book about his hometown.
Not knowing why, he suddenly gets incredibly emotional. The mechanic becomes worried about having an emotionally offset man in her shop and offers him the book to keep.

Stroggonov through his tear-filled emotional breakdown vows to pay back Corri for getting him the spare parts and letting him keep the book. He continues his travels in hopes of finding:
– More Akashic connections
– The godlike entity
– How to repay Corri for her incredible kindness
Through his travels he eventually runs into a gigantic living tree named Gundisalvis that is immediately recognised as the god of death the Akashic connection revealed to him, and Stroggonov promptly worships him as the deity he believes Gundisalvis to be.
While suggesting he stop doing so at first, it’s become clear that there’s something off about Stroggonov and Gundisalvis has given up on getting him to stop worshipping. They eventually part ways on their travels, but Stroggonov feels good knowing he’s finally met The God of Death.

Through constant searching for amazing cyphers, oddities, and artefacts, he eventually finds himself in Codun. Having mastered his ability to summon a duplicate of himself he walks down the street and proceeds to take his clothes off before realising that’s not how it works, and heads to the local tavern…


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