Neaca Nom

A Graceful Glaive who Controls Gravity


Gender: Female
Birth Date: Unknown
Age: Approximately 20 years old
Height: 168cm
Weight: Variable
Occupation: Traveling Glaive
Primary Trait: Graceful
Special Skills: Controls Gravity

Views on other PCs

Atheon: Poor, potentially hostile
Corri: Respect, views as a friend
Doe: Sympathetic to her situation but does not understand her personally
Gundisalvus: Respects as a friend but have some clashing ideals
True Thought: Unaware of existence


Neaca of Nom

Taken from the pages Riley’s mothers journal.

“It’s been about 14 years since Neaca arrived in Nom. I can still remember they day we found her, passed out by the water covered in scrapes and bruises, surely not much older than my daughter Riley. It’s a rare enough thing to get visitors passing through Nom, much less an injured young girl all alone by the lakeside.
As soon as he saw her husband rushed over and picked up the girl and took her back home. We treated her wounds as best as we could and set her to rest. When she finally awoke she looked terrified, I can’t say I can blame her, to awake in a strange house surrounded by people you don’t know and at such a young age it must have been dreadful.
She later told us that her name was Neaca but unfortunately, she knew little more about where she came from than her own name and the names of her siblings.
As time moved forward although we were no closer to finding her family, Neaca had begun to warm the people of Nom. Neaca and Riley became particularly close likely due to their similar age.
As time went on it really felt like the whole town took Neaca in and did all they could to help raise her. Some of my fondest memories are those of watching Neaca turn from a sad lost girl to a smiling member of our village. In particular I remember the day Neaca asked if she could officially become a member of the village, something that was entirely unnecessary as everyone already considered her to be a part of Nom, none the less while not under ideal circumstances Neaca became the first settler in our town since my husband many years ago.
While many of my memories of watching Riley and Neaca grow are fond ones I also have many memories of times where I wish things could have been a little less …surprising.
Perhaps the most surprising thing that I have ever seen was Neaca stuck suspended mid-air in the middle of the kitchen unable to get herself down, I had heard tales of such things from my husband but I never expected to see it up close. Neaca and I were both in shock while I remember that Riley simply stood in awe. It wasn’t until my husband returned home that day that he was able to help Neaca keep her feet on the ground, something that he would assist with many times and something that I to this day don’t know how he managed.
As Riley and Neaca matured and grew into young women it became clear that while Neaca was content to build her life here Riley sought more than a simple life in the small village of Nom.
Riley encouraged by her father’s tales of adventuring and perhaps by having seen Neaca floating through the breeze decided to set out on an adventure of her own. Riley had asked Neaca to join her but it was with a heavy heart that she declined and decided to stay in Nom. Riley headed out taking with her momentous from the village and some of her father old equipment.
While I had suspected for a long time that this is the path that Riley would take it seemed to come as a shock to Neaca who despite trying to remain cheerful began to become more distant. I would often find her staring at the horizon no doubt wondering what could have been. Ultimately, she found that though she did love Nom dearly she was not truly home unless she was with Riley.
And so Neaca has decided to follow after Riley to see the world and reunite with her friend. While most of his old adventuring gear had gone to Riley my husband gave Neaca a small pen shaped device that he wore on his belt when we first meet (I can still remember when he used it to tease me about putting on weight when I was pregnant).
The house will seem empty with Neaca and Riley gone but I know they are following their hearts and while she may call herself Neaca Nom to me she will always be Neaca Netbud my daughter.
I am truly blessed to have such fine children.”

Neaca Nom

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