Longwin Sitana

Corri's mother, Embergus' wife, an extremely talented mechanic


Corri’s mother and Embergus’ wife.

Longwin might have once mentioned she was born in Milave.

Unbeknownst to Corri, Longwin may have had something to do with the war machines of Milave.

Corri doesn’t know where her mother went, only that Longwin accounted for the fact that she might not come home after 400 days, and that when Longwin left home, her affairs were in order. Corri’s not sure if Longwin ever really intended to come home, whether she was delayed, or if she is even still alive. Corri has left a way for her mother to contact her if Longwin ever returns to their old home. Not that a clever woman like Longwin might not find other means to contact Corri if she needed to.

Corri remembers hearing Longwin was occasionally called “Chip” by Embergus, or the rare traveller, in private.

Update: Edith, the Oracular Cat in Far Brohn, told Corri that her mother was still alive, and misses her very much. She should keep searching for her.

Longwin Sitana

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