A Golithar Glaive who Communes With the Dead


Gundisalvus is Golithar Glaive who Communes with the Dead.

Might: 14
Speed: 10
Intellect: 10

Climbing – Trained
Geology and Botany – Trained
Learning or Decoding Languages – Trained
Honest Social Interaction – Trained
Muting Telepathy – Trained

Special Abilities:
Practiced in Armor
Practiced in all Weapons
No Need for Weapons
Speaker for the Dead


‘Born’ on the edge of the Cold Desert, the Golithar that would become known as Gundisalvus was always imposing in stature, even to other Golithar. The pod it was born in travelled the edge of the Cold Desert, avoiding the deeper permafrost and weaker light that would make it difficult to live.

One evening, out of the depths of the Desert, came a massive storm, ice and sand blended together. Within it, the pulsed light that the Golithar use to communicate was rendered mute and useless. Gundisalvus was lost in the swirling eddies and, seeking shelter, trudged further into the Cold Desert. The ground cracked beneath it, and it fell into a chasm, bark scraping against the sides. Eventually the chasm narrowed to the point Gundisalvus could fall no further. The light was weak and the dirt frozen and filled with corpses, layers of them, graveyards from ages past. On the edge of death, Gundisalvus started it’s long, long climb up.

It struggled to get the nutrients it needed from the earth, struggled to get enough light. The corpses had made some of the ground rich, but it could not linger. As it ascended, it started to hear mutterings from the earth. Unfamiliar with human languages, it was unable to recognise them as voices, but they became more and more clear as it passed the thresholds of what would normally kill a Golithar. Eventually it made the surface, a land scoured by the storm. It rested for a whole day, soaking in the light and dirt, before the ice started to reclaim the Desert.

A small mountain was the only landmark Gundisalvus could see. It, alone, moved far from the chasm, towards the mountain. A small village was nestled into the base of the mountain, living off birds, umlan goats and whatever crops could grow in the scrabble. Gundisalvus dragged itself into the village and they looked after it.

Initially, Gundisalvus had a lot of trouble, as it was unable to discern between the living and dead. It helped all equally, regaining it’s sense of comradeship from the pod. Eventually, the villagers deciphered the ability of Gundisalvus and ushered him up the mountain.

It was there Gundisalvus would get it’s name and meet it’s Master.

The Master, dead for almost a century, was a martial artist skilled beyond words. However, he had never had a student. When Gundisalvus arrived, capable of speaking to him, the Master decided to teach it.

Gundisalvus did not describe itself, and Master assumed it was a human. The teachings were expert, but not always applicable. Gundisalvus tried to learn and became very competent at unarmed combat, but was unable to master the more artful or delicate manoeuvres. Often, it made up for this with raw strength.

The Master was confused, but his student was clearly learning. Carrying water, breaking rocks and trees. The teachings of the Krummholz school were clearly being passed down. When the Master was finally happy with the results, he shared some final words with Gundisalvus, which is has kept to itself, advised it to seek out the other schools of the Master’s tradition, and passed on for good.

Gundisalvus had a purpose. Help the unrested dead. It didn’t really understand it’s Master’s insistence on the other schools any more than it could apply all of the Master’s teachings. When the next trade caravan came through, it headed with them, north. As part of the caravan, he was present when it’s eldest lady, Elizabeth, died. She had always wanted to see the Rukomol.

Interests: Gundisalvus is generally interested in the trappings of human culture, though often it doesn’t understand them. It hopes to find the other schools of it’s Master’s tradition, though it doesn’t know why that would be important. It enjoys getting new insight on it’s memories of training or interactions.

Gundisalvus also has rapidly deepening interest in gardening.


Thoughts of Truth Gundisalvus