Embergus Sitana

Corri's father, Longwin's husband. Deceased.


Corri’s father and Longwin’s husband. Deceased.

Embergus might have once mentioned he grew up in Ancuan. He was a very likable person, and could read people extremely well. He was open minded, but very canny, and he taught Corri a lot about people and the wider world. He was a loving father who wanted her to be prepared and equipped to deal with whatever life might throw at her.

Unbeknownst to Corri, Embergus may have been a pirate, diplomat, or some other manner of very interesting person in the past. He was very likely a Jack. He wasn’t in hiding or the like while she was growing up though, and there was never a tense moment where his past caught up with him.

3 years ago, he died of natural causes, at the age of 61. No foul play, no faked death. Everyone in town that knew him mourned his passing. Corri and Longwin held a small, private funeral. It’s possible that Corri could run into travellers who knew him, that haven’t heard the news.

Embergus may have been a principled bounty hunter. The missing person kind. Information gathering, infiltration, though capable of holding his own in a fight. Never failed to find his target. Maybe Longwin was his last job, and once he tracked her down, he couldn’t take her in on principle, because she’d gone to ground for good reason. They fell in love… he retired. Or maybe he wasn’t a bounty hunter at all…

Embergus Sitana

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