Corri Sitana

An Empathetic Nano who Talks to Machines




Age: 23

Present: Corri has set up a new mechanic shop at the party’s Cherrywood House in Codun. She frequently acts as Doe’s translator, and is an enthusiastic proponent for their journey to help Doe find out more about her past. She’s looking forward to seeing more of the world and riding a Raster.

After staring at an impossible cube in the Floating Pyramid, Corri developed a tick where she is compelled to wash her hands when she smells baking bread. She’s been working hard at improving her mental defences ever since, and has had some pay off. She’s also learnt a bunch of helpful esoteries.

Edith, the Oracular Cat in Far Brohn, told Corri that her mother was still alive, and misses her very much. She should keep searching for her. Corri is now concerned that, if Edith did in fact speak the truth, something unfortunate may have befallen her mother. Because if she’s not dead, what has stopped her coming home or contacting Corri?

In Orrila, Corri met the Steelshaper, and asked him if he had a numenera that could help her find someone she was looking for. He gave her a compass that points to her heart’s desire. She hopes to use it to find her mother after helping Doe, or while on their journey.

Past: Corri was born to an older couple. Her father, Embergus, was really good with people. Her mother, Longwin (or “Chip”, as Embergus or a rare traveller would sometimes called her in private), was really good with machines. Both her parents had been travellers; they’d met later in life when Longwin settled down in a small town in the southern Pytharon Empire and opened a repair shop.

The town was in the middle of nowhere, but was an important rest stop for people who needed supplies or repairs on their way to somewhere else. People passed through from all over. Longwin had a quiet reputation for excellent work, with some travellers saying they’d rather have her work on their stuff than mechanics at the major cities. Corri was very proud of her mum.

Corri grew up in the shop, being taught to mind the counter by her dad and do the repairs by her mum. From a young age, she found that she could talk to many of the machines that would come through the shop, though no one else seemed to hear them. When her parents realised her gift, they encouraged her in it, but the family kept it quiet. When she was a little older, her father took her on several trips to study in a larger town, where she learnt the basics of being a nano. She had a natural talent for the craft.

Though Corri’s parents had been travellers, they never really talked about their pasts. From their discussions with travellers, they obviously seemed very knowledgeable about the world, but they never discussed travelling themselves. Corri wished to see more of the world, but she was also happy to stay at home with her family and work in the shop.

She heard a lot of traveller’s tales growing up in the shop, and one that stuck with her was rukomol racing.

When Corri was 20, her father passed away (at the age of 61), she took over his duties in the shop. Her mother’s heart wasn’t really in the work anymore though. After about a year, her mother said that she wanted to travel again. Corri should stay and take care of the shop, but if Longwin wasn’t back in 400 days, Corri was free to do as she wished; travel, or keep the shop. Corri waited 2 years, but Longwin never returned.

After that, Corri passed the shop on to a travelling mechanic (not as good as Longwin, but competent) who’d decided to settle down there. She left a message with them in case her mother ever returned, along with a communication Numenera, and said she might stop back from time to time. She decided to follow in her parents’ footsteps and travel. She didn’t really know where, but she remembered that she’d always wanted to see the rukomol, and hoped that she might be able to start a new life as a mechanic there.

Interests: All things mechanical; Corri loves to figure out how things work, and repair broken objects. She has a great interest in Numerera and a general fascination when it comes to unravelling the mysteries of long forgotten tech. She’s a bit of a tinkerer. She also has a talent for psionics that she’s never really pursued, but is growing in now that she’s travelling.

Personality: Corri mostly gets along well with others and enjoys their company. She’s quick to make friends and eager to please. She’s seen many people from different walks of life, and being able to communicate with machines has shaped her to be open minded in regard to other beings, whatever form they take. She’s also familiar with the less than virtuous side of others’ nature, so she’s by no means a blind optimist when it comes to her perceptions of others. She‘s as attentive and inquisitive when it comes to people as she is to a mechanical problem.

Hooks: Corri doesn’t know much about her parent’s past; they never spoke of it much. It’s possible they led very interesting lives before they settled down. Some of the travellers that came through the store, and knew either of them in the past, were very unusual people. Corri’s parents didn’t keep secrets from each other, but there are plenty of things they never told Corri. Corri doesn’t have an extended family to her knowledge.

Corri Sitana

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